Our graduates go onto careers and graduate studies in a variety of fields. Check up on some of them below.



Katelyn Burwell, Science Track, 2010. 

After graduating in May 2010, Katelyn spent her fourth summer as a counselor at Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC. Katelyn tells us about her job in her own words below.

"I was a regular counselor at camp the first two summers on staff, working with kids 7-15 years old as a climbing instructor and lifeguard. More recently I became a Trailblazing and Pack & Paddle leader/instructor, which allows me to work with 15-16 year olds and be out in the field the majority of the time, which is what I enjoy the most. I can't get away from Kanuga. And I keep going back because I was a camper there when I was younger and the values that I learned as a camper have shaped who I am now and lead me to pick the ENV major to continue with my passion for environmental/outdoor education."





Alisha Hayes, Science Track, 2008

I began my sophomore year at LR University in 2005, unsure as to what career path I wanted to take. I decided to do an internship during the summer of 2006 at Riverbend Park in Catawba County, NC. While interning there I re-discovered my love for the outdoors and I knew being a Park Ranger/Naturalist was the right career choice for me. The ENV Major gave me the opportunity to fulfill my goals as a student and paved the path for my future. After my internship, I began volunteering at Riverbend Park on the weekends. I graduated from LRU in May 2008 and the same month a job position for a Park Ranger became available within the Catawba County Parks System. Some of my duties as a ranger include custodial, maintenance, and clean-up of all park areas. Other tasks include the regular patrolling of park property to ensure all policies are being followed by patrons; the management of the park's natural resources; and the development of educational programs related to the conservation of our natural resources, wildlife, and their habitats. I can say without a doubt that I made the right decision by choosing the ENV program and I am one of the few that can say I love my job!



Joseph White, Science Track 2009

Joseph received an assistantship to pursue Ph.D. studies in biology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Currently, Joseph is working in plant ecophysiology lab, where he is researching the natural isotope signatures of water to determine where riparian tree species get there water from (soil moisture, groundwater or stream water), and later, if pollution of these sources causes the tree switch its watersource.








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